Sustainability on Board Briefing Session

About the Session

This briefing session is geared towards understanding the significance of ESG to your business. It has been tailored to enhance your position as a resilient leader with detailed knowledge concerning sustainable development within the current business landscape.

Explore the relevance of ESG considerations and emerging trends for boards which includes ESG related risks and challenges for directors. We place emphasis on the rise of ESG litigation and classification and its relevance to your organization. This is because governance plays a pivotal role in both assessing and mitigating sustainability-related issues in businesses. Therefore, it is mandatory that board members are equipped with accurate information to both oversee operations and make informed decisions.

Pave your way towards leadership excellence with this 1-hour briefing session that provides advanced expertise relating to business sustainability, industry-specific insights on ESG risks and opportunities, and implications on board directors’ fiduciary duties. Gain industry-relevant knowledge with our experts and ensure your business’s capacity to appreciate the changing landscapes of the industry.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand why sustainability and ESG matter to your business.

• Review your leadership approach in light of the current risk landscape and the most relevant megatrends, with a focus on ESG related risks and opportunities.

• Ensure adherence to your fiduciary duties, especially in the context of sustainability and ESG related risks

• Learn about litigation risks arising from a company’s ESG statements, as well as its ESG conduct. Enhance your understanding of ESG factors that can affect the long-term value and viability of your business model.

• Lead your organisation towards adopting a more comprehensive approach to ESG related risks and opportunities.

• Understand the existing issues within your governing board and identify methods of mitigation.

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