Reporting Matters

Corporate reporting plays a key role in shaping and communicating the contribution of business. These reports provide stakeholders with decision-useful information about how ambitious a company is, how resilient they may be in the future, and what progress they are making to support the transition to a more resilient and inclusive economy.


In 2013, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) developed “Reporting Matters” to help improve the effectiveness of sustainability reporting. Since then, each year WBCSD analyses the fullest source of sustainability information from each member against a framework and uses the resulting data to provide confidential scoring dashboards with analysis and anonymized peer group data.


WBCSD also compiles the overall results and publishes an annual overview of reporting trends, showcasing good practice examples and providing high level recommendations on reporting. See the section below for the latest publication.

Reporting Matters 2021

The Reporting Matters 2021 includes key findings that indicate reporting is improving overall, most reports reviewed reference specific SDGs, there is a growing trend of reports that combine financial and non-financial information, most reports reviewed reference the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the emergence of SASB standards and TCFD recommendations, the growing trend of online content, and much more.

Reporting Matters methodology now available to companies in Malaysia

BCSD Malaysia is proud to offer Reporting Matters methodology to companies in Malaysia.

Now, companies in Malaysia who want to receive valuable feedback on how their sustainability or integrated report compares with other peers around the world (as well as how it can be improved), have the opportunity to do so, with fully trained analysts by WBCSD now available to the local business community.

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