ESG Risk Integration Bootcamp

About the Bootcamp

This 12-hours Bootcamp has been expertly curated to aid in your understanding and analysis of corporate sustainability. The course will delve into the intrinsic relationship between sustainable development, identifying ESG related risks and opportunities, and integrating these into the overall risk management of an organisation. The structure of the Bootcamp is designed to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to understanding sustainability and viable opportunities, identifying material ESG issues, carrying out effective risk assessment along with risk prioritization and ultimately improving your organization’s strategy resilience.

Sustainability remains a core component that is a driving factor in creating long-term stakeholder value for businesses. It is a pressing concern that requires great leadership effort in terms of both risk reduction and mitigation. Now more than ever, there is a crucial need to create a world where over 9 billion people can live well and within planetary boundaries by 2050. For this vision to materialize important transformations within industries need to take place at a speed and magnitude never experienced before. It is, therefore, necessary for organizations to become agents of change and place corporate sustainability at the forefront of their endeavors in an effort to create real long-term value for all stakeholders.

Our esteemed trainers will impart valuable and robust knowledge pertaining to the fundamentals of sustainability, identification of ESG related risks/opportunities and adequate strategic responses. Upon request, our trainers are also able to divide the Bootcamp into three individual courses. Learn via a hands-on pragmatic approach with practical tips, technical guidance, and relevant case studies that are highly beneficial to emerging leaders such as yourself.

Learning Outcomes

• Develop a critical understanding of corporate sustainability, including key sustainability imperatives and transformations needed.

• Craft your understanding of themain toolsfor ESG risks/opportunities identification

• Enhance your ability to utilize necessary techniques to support effective risk assessment and prioritization.

• Enhance your ability to integrate ESG related risks and opportunities in your organization’s overall risk management strategy.

• Define your role in the effort to tackle ESG related risks.

• Create a course of action to implement business strategies with the integration of ESG related risks and opportunities.

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