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What is 'Jom Recycle - Plastic Recycling in Homecare'?

Medical plastics used in healthcare facilities and home-based therapy create a large amount of plastic waste. This Plastics Recycling in Homecare program aims to collect high-quality, used PVC medical products for recycling into useful new products.

By joining this program, you can reduce half of the plastic waste that goes into landfills. We need your help to actively make a change, and make Malaysia a better place to live for our future generation!

How to Join?


Familiarize yourself with the training materials (Video & Brochure)


Test your understanding by taking the short survey in the registration form

Training Video (English with BM subtitles)

Training Brochure (English)

Training Brochure (BM)

Registration Form (English)

Registration Form (BM)

Who is Eligible?

Joining this program is free. You do not need to pay anything to join the programme. however, you will have to meet these criteria:

– Patients who live in the Klang Valley and are on the Baxter dialysis system

– Patients whose living space permits ease of storage and collection.

– Motivated patients who successfully completed the post-training assessment.

What you will get?

A 12 Gallon recycle bin

Welcome Kit & Certificate of Appreciation

A better place to live for our future generation!

Recycle in 5 Simple Steps


Step 1

Sanitize scissors before using it to remove the tubing at the bottom of the dialysate bags.

Langkah 1

Bersihkan gunting sebelum menggunakannya untuk mengasingkan tiub di bahagian bawah beg dialisat.


Step 2

Drain the fresh dialysate bag, and rinse the bag with clean water.

Langkah 2

Buang larutan dalam beg air/dialisat, bilas beg dengan air yang bersih.


Step 3

Flatten it before placing it into the plastic bin liner in the recycle bin.

Langkah 3

Ratakan beg sebelum meletakkannya ke dalam pelapik plastik dalam tong kitar semula.


Step 4

Dispose the rest of the parts of PD Bags as they are clinical waste.

Langkah 4

Buang bahagian yang lain ke dalam tong sampah rumah kerana ia adalah sisa klinikal.


Step 5

With the delivery driver’s supervision, secure the bin liner with a cable tie.

Langkah 5

Ikat pelapik plastik dalam tong kitar semula selepas diperiksa oleh pemandu penghantar bekalan.

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