What is the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) Malaysia

BCSD Malaysia is a non-profit organisation set up under Malaysia law as a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLBG). Companies are invited to join by invitation or they may also voluntarily apply for membership at any time. The request to join the BCSD Malaysia is submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. Response will be given within 3 weeks of receiving the application.

Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of invoice of the first-year membership fee payment and renewed automatically unless terminated in writing. Companies can resign their membership at any time during the year. Notice in writing must be given at least six months prior the anniversary date of joining. Honorary membership can be awarded to individuals by proposal of the Executive Committee. Please contact us for more comprehensive Terms of Reference.

What we ask from our members

  • Members should be a leading business advocate on sustainable development
  • Members should help develop and promote the business case for sustainable development
  • Members should demonstrate the business contribution to sustainable development and share leading edge practices
  • Members should participate in policy development to create the right framework conditions for business to make an effective contribution towards sustainable development
  • Members should contribute to shaping a sustainable future in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Companies applying for Membership must:

  • Have a standing influence in their area of activities
  • Be represented by their CEO, MD or by a business leader of equivalent rank
  • Nominate a representative (so-called “Liaison Delegate”)
  • Be willing to be actively involved to support the project(s) of their choice through making in-house competence and appropriate manpower resources available
  • Publicly report the company’s sustainable development performance within three years of joining
  • Pay the annual Membership fee as determined by the Council

Membership Fees

The following categories apply:

  • Corporate Members. Annual membership fee: RM 27,000 (Large Company status)
  • Innovator Members. Annual membership fee: RM 10,000 (SME or Start-up status)
  • Associate Members. Annual membership fee: RM 2,500 (Non-for-profit GLBG status)

* Definition of Large company: for the manufacturing sector, the threshold for annual sales turnover is RM50 million or above 200 employees. For the services sector, the sales turnover threshold is RM20 million or above 75 employees.

Click here to view the company Constitution.

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